AFROTC Detachment 015

Tuskegee University

Tuskegee, AL 36088


Phone: 334-727-8372

Fax: 334-727-8008



AFROTC offers scholarships for cadets participating in AFROTC. More information on AFROTC scholarships and to apply for AFROTC scholarships can be found at


All scholarships include a $600 annual book allowance.


All scholarships include a monthly stipend of amounts that vary based class year.


There are three categories of scholarships:


  • High School scholarships

  • Enlisted Scholarships

  • In College Scholarships

- The In College Scholarship Program (ICSP) is open to AFROTC program college freshman and sophomores

-Eligible applicants are nominated for ICSP scholarships by their school's AFROTC detachment commander

-Nominees are rank ordered based on their leadership, ability, grades, fitness and overall participation in the AFROTC program

-HQ AFROTC makes the final decision and awards scholarships. The nomination deadlines are established by HQ AFROTC


For additional information on the Financial Aid at Tuskegee University, visit the universities home page.